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About FixYou

FixYou is me, Nathalie Widerberg, 40 years old. I have worked over 15 years in natural health, with personal training, coaching, natural supplements, oils and as a therapist - mainlywith treatments, analyzes and coaching

Currently, I run with clinic in Skokloster/Håbo, as well asmove me  in Sthlm and Uppsala some day/week. I also do clinics  and lectures on request throughout Sweden. Other konsult assignments and collaborations in the industry.

- Market and business development /

- Retailers & ambassador / Better You

- Customer cooperation & premises for Frequency Analysis / Stronger Mothers / Enskede

- Expert opinions and publications: SATS, Hälsokraft, Life, Better You, Kurera, etc.)


FixYou is a gathering place for lifelong health, a place where everyone is welcome. Health is a big word and FixYou focuses on natural and sustainable health. We work with natural products and recommendations from a sustainable and environmentally friendly perspective. You should not have to return every day for the same symptoms/pain, or pay unnecessarily expensively for things you can learn to do yourself at home. We get to the bottom of your problem together and then you get the tools to change what you need. FixYou is there as support along the way with advice, products, personal training or treatments.​​

Education / Selected qualifications

2012 Personal Trainer (lic. incl. rehab/injury-free mother & senior training) Safe Education

2014 Chinopractice (Osteopathy, Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Stress Release, NLP)  

European School of Chinopractic medicine

2015 Winner PT of the Year and Nordic PT Challenge 

2016 Life coaching and individual development MT Leadership

2017 Dietary supplements and natural nutrition Nordic Business Center

2019 Medial basic education The Swedish Media Association

2021 Animal CommunicationEquinect Hästkommunikation AB

2021 Medial further education The Swedish Media Association

2022 Equine therapist (ongoing)Equicare AB

2018-2021 Business advisor DIF A-team women's soccer

2019-2021 Nutrition advisor DIF A-team men's football

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