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First select your basic recipe: DAY DREAM or NIGHT MAGIC.


Daydream is for the day, absorbs quickly into the skin and fits particularly well under makeup. 

Night Magic is for the night, is fattier, takes longer to penetrate and has more active ingredients.


With 3 simple steps you can now personalize your new skin oil.

Step 1: Choose your booster: anti-aging, moisture or impure skin

Step 2:  Choose whether you want a scented or unscented oil

If you know which fragrance you want, write this in the field: message. If the field is left empty, but you have selected; fragrance, Nathalie intuitively chooses which fragrance suits you (Note: max. 2% essential oil is mixed in)

Step 3: Choose the name to be written on the oil (written on the line above eg the word *daydream*) If this field is left empty, the oil will come without a personal name.


Both oils are hand-mixed at FixYou and contain 100% organic and cold-pressed oils of the highest quality, produced by Better You Sweden. If you buy both Daydream and Night Magic, they will last for about 3 months and the monthly cost will be about SEK 230. price. The product is vegan and organic, and has a shelf life of 12 months from the delivery date.

Personal skin oil

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  • Customer satisfaction is A and O for FixYou. If you are dissatisfied or something has gone wrong, contact and we will solve the problem together.

    ATTENTION! The products are 100% natural and hand-mixed, therefore fragrance and color may differ from time to time.

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