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Organic perfume oil with a wonderful scent of flowers and harmony. Comes in a luxurious dark purple glass bottle with roll-on steel ball.


A deliciously fragrant and completely natural perfume in a roll-on bottle. A perfect mix of summer meadows (lily, sage, geranium) meets harmony and tranquility in lovely lavender. Comes in thin rosehip seed oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin.


Easily rolled onto the skin (e.g. wrist, neck, neck) if needed. The scent stays for about three hours before you want to reapply. A healthy way to use perfume without any harmful chemicals. In addition, you can easily carry it with you everywhere and the scents are carefully selected to also provide a sensory effect. KvinnoRo is formulated to provide calm and well-being, as well as relieve PMS and anxiety.

ECOLOGICA KvinnoRo 10 ml

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  • Ecologica is Fix You's own 100% organic and natural skin, hair and health range.


    The origin of this series from FixYou's founder Nathalie Widerberg originated from a combination of grandma's old recipes, years of own skin and health problems and modern intuition and curiosity.


    Ecologica is made with a focus on functional products from nature. Organic, fragrant and functional. Ecologica is mixed with nature's ingredients and Nathalie's intuition. Each bottle unique to you!

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