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Night magicis an organic and natural face oil for you with normal, sensitive or dry skin. The oil is hand-blended from the finest cold-pressed skin oils and is packed with vitamins A, C and E, as well as antioxidants and fatty active ingredients that work overnight.


Night magic is massaged into the skin and suits extra well in the evening, when the slightly oilier oil needs time to penetrate the skin. Contains, among other things, the finest type of Argan oil from Morocco, as well as rosehip seed oil which contains a high amount of vitamin A, which helps maintain normal skin. Also contains Avocado oil which is rich in protective fatty acids, restores the skin's barrier and prevents moisture loss during the night, as well as pure vitamin E oil which protects the skin against oxidative stress.


Night magic is mildly scented with 100% pure essential oils. The carefully selected essential oils in this product have a balancing and soothing effect on the skin, which is exactly what it needs after a full day of stress. The fragrance is made to also give you a harmonious and calm end to the day. Contains max 2% essential oils.



Massage 4 drops onto cleansed face every evening.

The oil can also be used during the day, but remember to take a little less then so it sinks in faster.


The product is 100% organic, vegan and handmade in Sweden.

ECOLOGICA Night magic 30 ml

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  • Ecologica is Fix You's own 100% organic and natural skin, hair and health series.


    The origin of this series from FixYou's founder Nathalie Widerberg originated from a combination of grandma's old recipes, years of own skin and health problems and modern intuition and curiosity.


    Ecologica is made with a focus on functional products from nature. Organic, fragrant and functional. Ecologica is mixed with nature's ingredients and Nathalie's intuition. Each bottle unique to you!

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